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The EB Camouflages!

It was 12th May 2018 when four of us first shared the dias. With mixed feelings of excitement topped with the realisation of mountain of responsibility that we will have to climb, we made a feeble claim that we will try to conduct a fairly decent event. Four months down the line, we have come to believe that hardwork can force miracles to happen and there's nothing like impossible. 

The annual event for the year 2k18, "IMPULSE" conducted on 03.09.18 by IMAGES was a very successful event, as the D-day saw everything being conducted smoothly and the target we set upon ourselves at the start of this term, that was achieved quite ceremoniously. The best part about that was the unity shown by the members with the positive spirit, we still can! As rightly said, obstacles are meant to add up to your experience.

Being selfless is not easy but it is a vital part of teamwork. The essence of #TogetherWeCan that was instilled in us right from the beginning; sheer determination compelled us to end it as #TogetherWeHave.

One thing, the EB firmly believes in is giving Attention To Detail (ATD), no matter how intricate or small the work is. This motto has made us who we are and played an important role in the output as the Enigma unfolded into reality, giving us goosebumps on the night of September 3 and a blissful chaos to be cherished for life. 

“We sort of start thinking anything's possible if we've got enough nerve”. The EB proudly dedicates the success to all the members of IMAGES; the fact that they are immensely gifted as it was only with the help of them that they took care of the initiatives and most importantly of each other that Tagore Theatre was lit with bright faces of IMAGEans when twilight fell.
Apart from the event, the legacy of creating better, united, intact IMAGES is now more than ever imbibed into the youngsters which suffices the ultimate journey of every member of IMAGES.
#IMPULSE2k18 #TogetherWeHave


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