Message From EB

It was on the 21st of June 2020 when the four of us were given this excellent opportunity. With the fresh feeling of enthusiasm and a new path in front of us, we promised to work with full determination and impeccable dedication for the betterment of the very organization and carry the legacy of IMAGES to new heights.

This organization is like a family to every single IMAGEan, and the very idea of open and active discussion is deeply embedded in the roots of this organization. 

This year brings forward the notion of 'Social Distancing' and 'Stay at homes,' but it will certainly not keep us away from working together as a team. 
In this era of online, The executive body decides to focus on strengthing IMAGE's online presence on multiple platforms, and provide a holistic view of our organization to the world out there!
Also, as people are stuck in their homes, We now lay extra focus on holding interactive sessions and inter-year online fun activities, along with multiple GBM's planned out throughout the semester, as we believe in the notion of "Work Together, Play Together." 

The best part about this organization is the unity shown by the members with the positive spirit, especially in such unprecedented times. We believe that #TogetherWeCan achieve anything we set our sights on.

Moving forward together isn't simple, but it is a vital part of teamwork and our organization. The essence of #TogetherWeCan instilled in this organization right from the beginning, and with sheer determination, IMAGES have always set new examples compelled us to end it as #TogetherWeHave.

The EB firmly believes in providing ample opportunities for every IMAGEan to grow, both on a personal and a professional level. Also, we are coming forward with multiple ways to help society in every way possible.

The goal of creating better, united, intact IMAGES that improves itself and everything around it is deeply imbibed into every IMAGEan, which satisfies every member of IMAGES' ultimate journey.
#TogetherWeHave #TogetherWeCan


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