General Body Meeting 3

General Body Meeting 3
"Grandiose - Sermonize Your Thoughts"

After the successful two GBM's of this semester, it's the time to organize the last GBM of this semester Grandiose- "sermonize your thoughts".
"It is said that the best moments are unplanned and spontaneous. Spontaineity is being present in the present." - Anonymous
The main aim of this GBM was to analyse the spontaneity and creativity of the students. Grandiose GBM comprised o mainly unprepared tasks like - A) Voice your Thoughts (Parliamentary Debate) B) Two Minutes to win it (Extempore) C) Build Your Chronicle (Building a whole story from the given middle plot) D) Persuasive Retailing (Marketing task) E) Volte Face (Switching Between for and against of the same topic)
F) Semblance (Introduce yourself with respect to a shape). All the tasks were spontaneous and students were judged on the basis of their clarity of thoughts, Verbal Communication and non- verbal communication.
"The two hardest things in life is to say HELLO for the first time and GOODBYE last time."
Since this was the last GBM of the fourth year we planned various tasks for them. They performed the tasks enthusiastically and were enjoyed by all of us. The GBM finally concluded with the award ceremony.

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