Thursday, 26 December 2019



We feel very proud to announce that the project SANRAKSHAN was officially start on 22nd July, 2019 i.e. Monday, in association with PEC ESTATE OFFICE.

In project Sanrakshan we had a target of plantation of around 200 - 250 Trees

Aids provided by PEC to IMAGES:-
1. All the saplings will be provided by PEC. 
2. Care of the trees will be taken care by PEC. 
3. This event will be shared by PEC on their official pages along with director's official account.
4. Media coverage is also expected.(Not sure) 
5. If any other help required, we can directly approach them. 

Our Role in this project was :

1. To help them in plantation.
2. It's our responsibility to ensure that the target is met. 



"An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves."This is the most pleasant feeling we get when we step into the shoes of an NGO.

The NGO event NAVCHETNA was held at two venues.
In morning, it was held at Vatika special school(sec-19) , a school for dead and dumb students, wherein we had class wise tasks like coins in the bucket game,balloon bursting and some DIY activities.The students participated enthusiastically and it was a very heart touching experience for us.
The whole essence of the event was to make those children realize what they are,what they deserve and what they can do.
In afternoon, it was held at Hamaari Kaksha(sec-9), a school for orphanage students, where we organised many scientific activities and also a session of motivational videos that inspire students to achieve their goals in life and never give up. Apart for this, a friendly interaction was done with children and fun activities like dancing, singing were held in which not only the students of Hamaari Kaksha but also the members of IMAGES participated actively.

All this fulfilled our main objective that was bringing a smile on the face of these students and make them realise that they are not less than anyone on this planet. We ignited the spark in them of doing something extraordinary in their life. We feel our efforts worth it when these students say at the end," Didi bhaiya aap fir kb aaoge?" This sentence makes us emotional but very happy at the same time because this tells that they loved what we did for them.

Incognito-Unleash the Zest


Unleash the Zest

The laughter of the children brings light to the environment. To make that happen we IMAGEans on 19th October,2k19 invited government schools all over Chandigarh to participate in our day event which helped students to get exposure and enhance their self-esteem. Extempore and a quiz was organised for them.

Thrilling, exciting and entertaining all in one pack in our night event in Kalagram. In which people came to get into the Incognito mode and logout from the stresses of the world, so the event started with Harsh Gujral-the well known comedian followed by band Haqiqat. This is was accompanied by very delicious and  lip smacking food at the very same place.

These types of events are organised by Images every year and thus all the funds generated by them is used for the welfare of the society !

Saturday, 30 September 2017


ENIGMA'17- "We Create, You Celebrate"


ART ARENA- Between love and passion lies art

Art is one's emotions flowing in a river of imagination.
The Art Arena at ENIGMA 2k17, offered two different creative art formsto choose from, painting without brush in IMPRESSIONS, or painting a pot using three colours in TRIPPLING. 
Plenty of participation from some of the best schools and arts colleges of tri-city produced paintings and pots that were enthralling enough and donned the Art Exhibition arena to audience's awe. 
From ensuring minimum time lag while organising the event, adequate supply of material to managing a hefty crowd;
Everything was managed by our team quite flawlessly. At the end of the event, we were left with paint spotted shirts



'Look at the children, Look how they shine!'

It was 6th of September, the day of colours, smiles and the glitz. Underprivileged children from Kartar Aasra adorned the NGO-subevent KALAKRITI, at ENIGMA 2k17, with their presence and vigour.
Armed with crayons, sketch pens and a refreshing enthusiasm,
]the kids painted their hearts out for an hour. Amongst giggles and laughter, the kids gave wings to their imagination- the simple act of being at liberty to express themselves, bringing wide smiles to their beautiful faces at Tagore theatre.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Semester Review GBM



The EB transfer cum semester review GBM, held on May 12, began with the EB candidacy speech, after which the previous semester’s positives

General Body Meeting

General Body Meeting

Transition was which marked the uniqueness of very first GBM of this semester. The new EB had already taken its charge, 3rd year had left for internships

Summary of Semester


The even semester meant for the expansion of the IMAGES family through annual recruitments is always the most excitement one. Apart from the recruitment process, we have many facets that end up inculcating the formal outlook in us.

1.     Back to Rhythm GBM was the first formal GBM of this semester organised in January, before the recruitments, and had tasks like formal PPTs, PD and Case Study.