UTKRISHTATA - First Unprepared GBM

"UTKRISHTATA (Excellence) is not a skill it is an attitude". 

The monthly unprepared GBM of june month was conducted on 28th of June in online mode, with the aim of achieving excellence  and so was the theme of the GBM


The Organizing panel was led by Rizul, Sarthak and Kavya. The Judging panel comprised of Sakshi, Bhupati and Sahil.

The GBM started  with an intro speech  from the panel and it explained about the theme  and its motto. At the end of speech first activity was explained  and the members performed with great enthusiasm. The judgement for the activity was passed by the judging panel and pointed out for improvements. 

Thereafter various activities were conducted for the members from GD, Switch-Side Debate Picture Interpretation, Art of Persuasion and many more in which members participated with full confidence.

The goal of these GBM's is to enhance the personal development of the members and nurture them for their upcoming professional careers.

The GBM was concluded by time keeper's report followed by the EB review of the whole GBM. Thus another GBM ended with more learnings and higher confidence.

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