“It’s time to say goodbye to the past and hello to a new journey lying ahead “

ADIOS, The farewell was organised for our lovely senior members, who left their wonderful memories behind and started a new journey, full of different adventures. We wish them the best compliments on finishing their college life and a heartfelt/cordial thanks to them for directing their young juniors on the way to progress. We wish them great success in life.

The farewell was divided into two parts. First was the lunch given to the whole organization by the seniors, and the second was the party from the organization to the final year members. The lunch was quite interactive where the members from the junior years interacted with the seniors and offered their good wishes to them. At the farewell party, the whole organization gathered and interacted with each other, danced, and had fun together. There were games and competitions planned for the final year members and at the end, there was a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate their time in IMAGES and all the memories they shared with us.

We know that every good thing comes to an end, with a heavy heart this is the final goodbye to our lovely senior members who are about to start a new chapter in their life, we as an organization wish them good luck and fortune in the upcoming years and wish for their success in life and we always love our seniors.

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