ADHYAN - Second Unprepared GBM

 "If you are not moving forward, you are falling backwards."

The monthly unprepared GBM named ADHYAN was organised on 12th September,2022 in Room No 406, NAB. The organising panel of the meeting were Nitin Singhla, Varun Kumar and Kanwar Preet Singh. And the GBM was judged by Kshitij Gujral.

GBM was started on a very good note and address by the President Saksham Garg followed by the activities

Group Discussion (on the topic "Service charges on online transaction")
Parliamentary Debate (on the topic "THB rise in Population is a curse on world"). 
Switch side debate (in which the participant have to switch the side from for to against the topic when the host asks to switch) 
Guesstimate (this activity was specially added to prepare the members for interview round). 
Act your part (in this activity six members performed and were asked to act as representatives of a company and were asked to negotiate and reach a conclusion which is best for the company and sponsor)

The panel first explain the activities very well and the performers gave their best into activities.

The GBM was concluded by the fair, elaborate and considerate, judgement of EB which definitely helps the participants to improve in the upcoming activities and events.

At the end, the GBM was wrapped with the cake-cutting celebration, and it was such a great experience. At last, we all took the grouped photographs. The goal of these GBM's is to enhance the personal development of the members and nurture them for their upcoming professional careers.

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