Farewell GBM


With outstretched arms you welcomed us, and with folded ones, we won’t let you go! This was all what we felt at the business end of the semester and even now,
we are short of words to express the strong emotions we feel for a chapter of our life that’s coming to an end, though the book of IMAGES will always be wide open to mesmerize us!

 A harry potter themed farewell GBM was organised, which had a star-studded entrance through the magic wall to the 9-3/4 platform, Golden snitch, sorting hat, Hogwarts houses, potions and the customary photo booth that made the theme complete in itself. Our heart and soul put into the gifts and the farewell videos proved to be worth it. Finally seniors recalled their memories of 4 years in IMAGES, beholding their tears, and once again, emphasised to keep IMAGES family intact. 

We truly hope to keep up that legacy and take IMAGES to even greater heights!

Thank you for everything! :D

-           Proud IMAGeans

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