General Body Meeting

General Body Meeting

Transition was which marked the uniqueness of very first GBM of this semester. The new EB had already taken its charge, 3rd year had left for internships
, new recruits were yet to become part of this lovely family so it was first experience that witnesses the relay of amazing coordination among IMAGIANs. So this GBM was a mix of prepared & unprepared tasks which add  to the learning of participants.

1. Case study: Surprise was which comes to the participants with this task. Different in all dimensions this task aim participants to prioritize the log of things they would require in particular situation.

2. PD: Though conventional but not less than anything. The topic of the PD was “this house believes that abortion of feotus should be legalized on the grounds of permanent deformity”.

3.Presentation:The participants were to present themselves in grandiose the slides to be prepared were pitch yourself to us, what is the guiding principle of your life, how are you different from others.

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