Semester Review GBM



The EB transfer cum semester review GBM, held on May 12, began with the EB candidacy speech, after which the previous semester’s positives
and negatives were put forward by everyone. A full-fledged discussion took place which ended with the justification of loopholes that were there, along with scope of improvement. Individual reviews by the EB and declaration of special titles was enough of a motivation to work even harder and take IMAGES to new heights! Side by side, votes were being casted on electronic voting software, developed by one of our members. 

Finally, the revered EB handed over the baton to the new EB, which marked the beginning of a new. The newly elected EB is as follows-

->Lovish Bansal- President
->Anmol Sharma- Vice President
->Abhay Thakur- Treasurer
->Ankita Garg- NGO PRO

Certificates were distributed for satisfactory performance in this semester, after which the GBM was formally concluded. A party was thrown by the newly appointed EB after the conclusion of the GBM.

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