Summary of Semester


The even semester meant for the expansion of the IMAGES family through annual recruitments is always the most excitement one. Apart from the recruitment process, we have many facets that end up inculcating the formal outlook in us.

1.     Back to Rhythm GBM was the first formal GBM of this semester organised in January, before the recruitments, and had tasks like formal PPTs, PD and Case Study.

2.     The Kick Start GBM was held after the Recruitments and marked the kick start of the formal journey for new recruits. This GBM had a mix of prepared and unprepared tasks like- The News Hour, Dilemma, Pictionary, All Ears and Vector GD.

3.     PRISM was a prepared GBM which had tasks like- Time to switch, Upstart, Thinking Out Loud and Electoral Debate.
4.     Grandiose - Sermonize Your Thoughts was the 4th formal GBM and had unprepared tasks like-Voice your Thoughts (PD), Two Minutes to win it (Extempore) , Build Your Chronicle, Persuasive Retailing and  Volte Face.

This Semester we also had workshops on- Parliamentary Debate, MUNs and a mock interview session. For new recruits we had Photoshop workshop to give them a basic understanding designing.
And finally the semester full of immense learning ended with the EB Transfer GBM where the new EB was elected, and the Farewell GBM for our beloved 4th yearites in which they we given a final send off with teary eyes.

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