Saturday, 30 September 2017


ENIGMA'17- "We Create, You Celebrate"


ART ARENA- Between love and passion lies art

Art is one's emotions flowing in a river of imagination.
The Art Arena at ENIGMA 2k17, offered two different creative art formsto choose from, painting without brush in IMPRESSIONS, or painting a pot using three colours in TRIPPLING. 
Plenty of participation from some of the best schools and arts colleges of tri-city produced paintings and pots that were enthralling enough and donned the Art Exhibition arena to audience's awe. 
From ensuring minimum time lag while organising the event, adequate supply of material to managing a hefty crowd;
Everything was managed by our team quite flawlessly. At the end of the event, we were left with paint spotted shirts



'Look at the children, Look how they shine!'

It was 6th of September, the day of colours, smiles and the glitz. Underprivileged children from Kartar Aasra adorned the NGO-subevent KALAKRITI, at ENIGMA 2k17, with their presence and vigour.
Armed with crayons, sketch pens and a refreshing enthusiasm,
]the kids painted their hearts out for an hour. Amongst giggles and laughter, the kids gave wings to their imagination- the simple act of being at liberty to express themselves, bringing wide smiles to their beautiful faces at Tagore theatre.