GBM - 20th February, 2020

The first GBM of the semester with the new recruits of 2020, took place on 20th Feb . The venue for the same was Seminar Hall - 2, New Academic Block.

A lot of intriguing tasks were organized by the panel consisting of Ujjval Dahiya, Isha Bishnoi and Raghav Sahi. The tasks included :

▪️ Picture interpretation - A picture was given
beforehand and the contestant had to interpret the picture as per his/ her own imagination.

▪️ Group Discussion (GD) - A topic was given to a group of 7 people and they had to discuss it and arrive at a conclusion.                                                                              

▪️ Story Completion - A group of 5 people was given this task and a line was given to them where each contestant had around 1 min to speak and the group had to continue with the same story forward.

▪️ Parliamentary Debate - A Parliamentary Debate was conducted on a topic where a team of 3 had to speak for the motion and the other had to speak against the motion.

▪️ Convincing - This task had to be fulfilled by a group of 3 people where they had to convince the judges about a particular topic given to them using all the scientific/ non scientific facts

After every task completion, the judges , i.e., the Executive Body (EB) members gave their reviews and encouraging the participants to improve.

In the end the judges gave finishing speech which included the overall review of GBM and that of the panel members followed by prize distribution. Sparsh was declared as the best performer of the GBM, and with this culminated the first formal GBM of the semester.

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