Event- Aura

‘AURA - Explore Your True Essence’  

A single day extravaganza designed to give a new impulse to the ardour among the youth and school students is a series of healthy competitions covering aspects such as aptitude, knowledge, creativity, leadership and skill.

Aura is devoted to creating a customised and unforgettable experience for each and every visitor, simultaneously providing unique opportunities to the youth by providing a platform for showcasing their talents and pursue their dreams.

The 26TH Infinity

An event specially crafted for the school students, in which they will have to tighten their reins for the various brain games. Answer as many questions as you can from the clues provided before the time runs out. Your proficiency to explore new horizons of imagination and simultaneously focusing on your grammar, word building skills and unravelling hidden answers will be thoroughly judged.

Cyber Comic

Why make trolls and play pranks on friends only on social media when you have the potential to make them spectacular. Sit home, showcase creativity, win exciting prizes and goodies. In addition to it the vintage Antakshari and Shayari contests will take an exhilarating form appealing mass crowd to show their passion for these evergreen pass times.

Trailblazers: Pioneer your destiny

Here we make an effort to give air to the self-knitted thoughts that would give an idea to the individuals in sustaining their own livelihoods. We ensure that this would invoke the fact that entrepreneurship can also be an option. As we all know it requires potential to lead this competitive era instead of following the monotonous trend. Not only you should know how to efficiently sculpture the inexplicit business ideas that run through your minds but also implement them.


First of its own kind in our own city beautiful.In this soccer style game, each participant is strapped in and can only move left to right but not forward and backwards. This makes the game a bit difficult but at the same time challenging and fun frolic.

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