Event- Eminence

Keeping the legacy of its name alive, IMAGES, an organization of students of PEC University of Technology, proudly presents to you it's annual event:

EMINENCE: Showcase Your Talent

This restless one-day festival has a variety of events and activities as another annual effort to fulfill our unquenchable thirst of talent.

The Human Foosball Hustle

After creating a live GIANT
foosball arena for the first time in India last year, we carry forward our legacy by bringing giant table soccer to life yet again. Only this time, the arena gets better and bigger as the game gets wilder than it ever was.🔥

Senate: The Political Heat-up

Avail this one of a kind chance to make your own political party and convince a democratic audience to choose you over the opponents.

MuzArt: Portray the lyrics

An apparently simple and exotic event where you would be given a chance to portray a given song in the form of a painting. Let the ideas flow!

Quizno's: A Platter of Quizzes For You 

A quizzing event with no boundaries. Choose the topic you wished to be quizzed upon. Football, Television👀, Aptitude📊...we have it all.

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