Voice For Blind (NGO Project)

IMAGES'S  Representative recording books.

“Be the beacon of light in someone’s darkness”- Anonymous

As rightly quoted by someone, it is our moral duty and social responsibility to become a support system and a helping hand for those in need. We need to work together to make them strong and independent. The only tool that can make it happen is Education. Continuing our zest to unearth new ways to help the society we came up with an idea that this time our organization would help the visually impaired students
in getting good quality education. A practical problem that is faced by visually impaired students is that they do not have good quality collection of pre-recorded books. So, we undertook an NGO project called 'Voice for Blind' where in the members contributed countless hours to record audio books for visually impaired readers across tricity and beyond. The members went for the recording on a daily basis and each one of them used to record for about 1-2 hours daily on an average. In the room of silence, we put in best of our efforts to make someone’s life a better one. After weeks of hard work and dedication of our members, we were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the Disha NGO with whom we had associated ourselves for this project. We are looking forward to continue this project in near future as well. We sincerely hope that our little effort brings sunshine in someone’s life.

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