Aashayein (NGO Project)


When you do something for others from your heart, the feeling is larger than your own life’. This is the most pleasant feeling we get when we step into the shoes of an NGO.

The NGO event AASHAYEIN was held at Vatika Special School,Chandigarh, wherein we had class
wise tasks like Balloon bursting, lemon race, coloring, clay modeling, best out of waste competitions. It was a heart touching experience, though we couldn’t communicate verbally but the connection was well established emotionally.

The dedication and creativity they showed for the competitions and the excellence with which they performed shocked us, we were awestruck with their talents and enthusiasm. The glitter in their eyes was so beautiful and out of earth, that even the sun looked faded; the way our heart was beating, it was perhaps the first time that it was resonating with the frequency of Mother Nature. We had plans to do our bit and bring moments of happiness in their lives, but in the end it was us, who were happiest of all.

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