"An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves."This is the most pleasant feeling we get when we step into the shoes of an NGO.

The NGO event NAVCHETNA was held at two venues.
In morning, it was held at Vatika special school(sec-19) , a school for dead and dumb students, wherein we had class wise tasks like coins in the bucket game,balloon bursting and some DIY activities.The students participated enthusiastically and it was a very heart touching experience for us.
The whole essence of the event was to make those children realize what they are,what they deserve and what they can do.
In afternoon, it was held at Hamaari Kaksha(sec-9), a school for orphanage students, where we organised many scientific activities and also a session of motivational videos that inspire students to achieve their goals in life and never give up. Apart for this, a friendly interaction was done with children and fun activities like dancing, singing were held in which not only the students of Hamaari Kaksha but also the members of IMAGES participated actively.

All this fulfilled our main objective that was bringing a smile on the face of these students and make them realise that they are not less than anyone on this planet. We ignited the spark in them of doing something extraordinary in their life. We feel our efforts worth it when these students say at the end," Didi bhaiya aap fir kb aaoge?" This sentence makes us emotional but very happy at the same time because this tells that they loved what we did for them.

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