Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Annual Recruitments

Confused about your career πŸ˜’??
Want to do something good for society 😢??
Fed up with online classes 😬?
Missing the college life fun πŸ˜”?

If you got yes for these questions, then IMAGES got you covered🀩 as we are back with our " ANNUAL RECRUITMENTS ⚡🌈".

WHAT and WHY ? πŸ€”

IMAGES stands for Innovative Motivating Artistics Group of Engineering Students and this full form contains every characteristic this IMAGE’S family holds.
A student run non-profit organisation in PEC will help you to enhance your personality and inculcate the professional behaviour that is a must for the corporate life that awaits you after your college. 

• GBMS to inculcate professional skills

• Workshops to develop diverse skillset

• NGO activities to give back to society

• Tri-city level events for overall personality grooming

• Parties and trips to bond as a family

So, We, the IMAGEansπŸŽ† welcome fresh minds to dive in the ocean of enjoyment and learning where the end never comes.🌟🌟

For further details, Stay tuned!πŸ’«