ULFAT - NGO Activity 2022

The journey of smiles has always been our favourite one. ULFAT was the first NGO event for recruits held on 5th April 2022. IMAGES has always been working for the welfare of society, shaping the future of needy children by helping them explore the best in themselves. IMAGEans visited "Humari Kaksha", an NGO in sector 7, which provides education t4 underprivileged children.

On reaching there, we interacted with children to get familiar with them. Then we moved on to the Ice Breaking session, where all danced together to songs. 

We spent a couple of hours with them and took a workshop on 'Communication and Team Management.We performed several fun activities with them. Each activity had morals like the importance of team and teammates, not believing in rumours, we should follow instructions carefully, and many more. 

We believe every child has unique capabilities and strengths. Children shared their ambitions with us, so by engaging them in the activities, we wanted to instil confidence in them.

Finally, everyone enjoyed the refreshments, and the goal of directing the children towards growth and self-development was a successful consummation with exhilaration. We IMAGEans are delighted to share a part of our daily lives with them. Cherishing every moment spent with these little talents has been our luck.

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