Monday, 17 April 2017

Event- Innovision

Innovision 2016

In order to give a new impulse to the ardour youth and school students, a series of healthy and innovative competitions were organised as a part of – INNOVISION, our vision your innovation on 27th August 2016 at Bal Bhawan, sector 23, Chandigarh. The events covered a number aspects ranging from aptitude, knowledge, creativity, leadership and skills.

Two be painted

To encourage the artistic skills of the students, images organised the event- Two be painted. The event was divided into 2 categories, one for the students and the other for college students.  The participants were supposed to portray their ideas on an object given to them using only

Event- Eminence

Keeping the legacy of its name alive, IMAGES, an organization of students of PEC University of Technology, proudly presents to you it's annual event:

EMINENCE: Showcase Your Talent

This restless one-day festival has a variety of events and activities as another annual effort to fulfill our unquenchable thirst of talent.

The Human Foosball Hustle

After creating a live GIANT

Event- Aura

‘AURA - Explore Your True Essence’  

A single day extravaganza designed to give a new impulse to the ardour among the youth and school students is a series of healthy competitions covering aspects such as aptitude, knowledge, creativity, leadership and skill.

Friday, 14 April 2017

General Body Meeting 3

General Body Meeting 3
"Grandiose - Sermonize Your Thoughts"

After the successful two GBM's of this semester, it's the time to organize the last GBM of this semester Grandiose- "sermonize your thoughts".

Thursday, 13 April 2017

General Body Meeting 2

General Body Meeting 2


After an enthralling kickstart to the new semester of IMAGES with fresh faces, it was time to discover the true colors through the first prepared  GBM of the semester, PRISM.

General Body Meeting 1

General Body Meeting 1
"A Kick start GBM"

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You just need a kickstart!”- The motto that governed the first GBM of this semester and kick started the formal journey for newly recruited IMAGeans. It was an unprepared GBM with several non-conventional tasks which let people’s creative juices flowing.
NEWSHOUR- In this task participants had to present news on latest topics, ranging from- ISRO

Voice For Blind (NGO Project)

IMAGES'S  Representative recording books.

“Be the beacon of light in someone’s darkness”- Anonymous

As rightly quoted by someone, it is our moral duty and social responsibility to become a support system and a helping hand for those in need. We need to work together to make them strong and independent. The only tool that can make it happen is Education. Continuing our zest to unearth new ways to help the society we came up with an idea that this time our organization would help the visually impaired students